* Create a Brochure

* Get Started Using Google Docs

* Write a bibliography

* Animoto Guide

* Grammar Tips

How to Use a Semicolon.
How to Use an Apostrophe
10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling

* Log onto the Library's online catalogue.

In addition to searching the catalogue you can renew items (that are not overdue) and place items on hold.

* Using EBSCOhost databases

(compiled by Hazel Clark, Sutherland Secondary School Librarian)

* Create a Mind Map using Word

How to Build a Mind Map in Microsoft Word

* Convert Files

If files you created at home won't open at school you have a couple of options. Make sure that the file name does not end in X when you save it (pptx or docx). To select the correct file extension go to FORMAT in the SAVE menu. You can also save Word documents as .rtf files which should open at school.

If you are saving PowerPoint or other slide files why not put them up on the web using Slideshare?
Then they can be accessed from any computer.

If you want to convert a file try using Zamzaror DocsPal.These are free services that convert docx, pptx or Excel files so they can be opened in lower versions of Microsoft Office.
The other alternative is to use Google Docs to begin with.