There are 6.8 billion people here on earth. Sometime this year the number of cell phone subscriptions will top 5 billion. This ubiquitous device has great potential as a educational tool. Here are some ideas!

General Ideas

  • Students can use their phone as an agenda book, they can take notes, use the calculator or set the alarm as a reminder. I ask them to do this to get overdue books back!
  • Assign roles to students on a rotating basis. One student takes notes to post to a class blog or wiki, another finds facts or checks information.
  • Have students respond to a poll or survey using free tools like Google Docs Forms or other polling tools.
  • Text message Google for quick answers. Text message your search query to 466453 ('GOOGLE' on most devices) and they'll text message back results. Try: define:perspicacious Try: simple math calculations Try: weather Vancouver
  • Upload photos to Flickr from a field trip or class event using email. (from Doug Symington @dougsymington)
  • Create a class Twitter account or using Google Docs, have students respond to a piece of writing or image by posting online.
  • 10 Educational Ways to Use iPods in a High School Class
  • Check out the many iPhone/iTouch apps useful for education - dictionaries, learning a language, note-taking, fact finding, star charts etc. Top 50 Free Education Apps or the Education Apps Review ning are good places to start.
  • Create self-check quizzes with Google Docs - 4 templates
  • Searchable database of iPod Touch apps for education
  • 12 Expert Twitter Tips for the Classroom
  • iPad44

Places to Learn More

Tools and Apps

Wallwisher - examples and ideas.
EtherPad collaborative note-taking/commenting for up to 16 people.
Polling - many options.



  • Turn the iPod Touch on its side and get a scientific calculator.
  • Use phone cameras to document lab procedures, for example bacterial culture development (from Gerry Paille @tuchodi)
  • Solving Algebra on Smart Phones